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April 14, 2019 747 views

     Ecolead, eco is a synthesis of the first letters of English ecology (ecology), conservation (energy saving), and optimization (optimization) . The original intention of the company was based on technology, environmental protection and economy, and it looked forward to the future of the company as a clean room equipment. , The leader of clean room supporting technology products (Lead). After confirming the company’s LOGO, the Chinese name “伊希欧” was formed by the literal translation of the pronunciation.

Nanjing Ecolead (Ecolead) is the successor and disseminator of air cleaning, as well as a participant and innovator of environmental protection. The manufacturing center is located in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing, a national-level new area. Relying on the good location advantage of the strategic fulcrum of East China facing the inland hinterland, it provides a full range of air filtration technical support and air filtration product logistics and distribution services throughout the country. By devoting itself to providing professional and credible air filtration solutions for enterprises, social institutions and individuals, as well as manufacturing energy-saving and environmentally-friendly purification equipment and air filter products, we provide enterprises with a meager power to protect and improve human production and quality of life . We are committed to the improvement of various types of ambient air quality and strive to promote the development of the purification industry. We strongly advocate green environmental protection, promote energy saving and emission reduction, and shoulder a heavy responsibility for social environmental protection.

In the past 8 years, Ecolead has been adhering to a corporate culture of forging ahead, not constrained by existing products and services, constantly seeking innovations and changes at work, actively expanding new areas of business, and opening up new ideas , New technologies, new products, new services, and continuous research and development activities to meet people’s growing demand for air filtration solutions, protect human health, help customers improve product quality, and achieve more stringent energy efficiency and sustainable development standards. And cater to the demand for high-tech air filtration solutions. In the field of existing mature products, we continue to promote new research in order to achieve the goal of more perfect products. Ecolead provides tens of thousands of high-performance junior high-efficiency air filters and air purification equipment for Chinese and foreign users through direct sales teams and agency distribution channels. These products are widely used in:

     Biomedicine (GMP workshop), hospitals and other places with strict cleanliness levels

Microelectronics, chip manufacturing, photovoltaics, LCD and other high-cleanliness fields

Food safety control for food and health products processing, beverage manufacturing, etc.

Car coating, cosmetic handicraft coating system control

Corrosive gas and toxic and harmful gas control and emission

PM2.5 indoor air purification solution

     Most Ecolead users are leaders in their respective industries. In the continuous cooperation, they have achieved success in air pollution control management with those who really care about high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and air quality and health. Maximum consensus and win-win situation. We will uphold the consistent sense of social responsibility, adhere to the green concept in creative, manufacturing, service, logistics and other links, and actively lead consumers, partners and all walks of life to jointly undertake the protection and care of the environment.

In the future development, we cannot do without your strong support. We are willing to walk hand in hand with you, advance with the times, and jointly create a beautiful environment for human production and life.