burning hazardous waste and chimicals incinerators

3 types of incinerators, which are 10Kgs, 20Kgs and 30Kgs for our Tawfiq Hospital use in Malindi, Kenya. we are an

environmental consulting firm as I’ve mentioned previously, we have already contracted with a French company specialized in

the sale of solid waste incinerators (ATI) and we bought a crematorium for the disposal of solid waste, including $ 180

thousand dollars, and now we want to get into the business of selling waste incinerators animal, and since it does not have an

agent in Saudi Arabia.  The three models you have indicated are based on 24 hour operation. Could you please make suitable

recommendations for 8-10 hour shift each day (including cooling time)? I assume we will need bigger capacity incinerators for

each of the three requirements.I am interested to know more detailed specifications and prices for your SYC-20 incinerator. I

am in the market for a small and easy-to-operate incinerator, however have little to no experience with such items.

installation and construction of SOLID WASTE
MANAGEMENT COMPLEX , for that purpose we need Sixteen (16) ton/day (7,538 kg/day) Capacity Incinerator System.1.5 ton garbage

per day,

required number of units -10 to 25 numbers

Installing different type of waste Management systems preferably Incineration and others for the state Jammu & Kashmir India

manufacturer and exporter of various Incinerator and other products.

Please be noted that we are a leading Bangladeshi business house dealing in various Medical, Surgical, Dental, Hospital

products, Plant and Machinery and so on

Most important is transformer, 220v motor, Temperature thermocouple, Blower of Primary Burner.

base on this portable incinerator,
1. the type of waste it can be use for (treatment).Hospital waste incinerators with reduced or carbon dioxide  CIF khartom –


medical waste incinerators models for hospitals of 100-300 bed and 100-1000bed,kindly send price quote of all the YD models

and mode of transaction /delivery to nigeria

incinerator is for use in the hospital for burning hazardous waste and chimicals, minimum Capacity 300 per hour.

The hospital incinerator for use in the clinical waste as required by international environmental management. Minimum 300 Kg

capacity/hr, Fuel fired, refractory lined, chimney and sampling prot. Minimum temperature of 1100 degree Celsius kindly quote

me best price for resale.The best price for resale for the between $7000 to $12000 Usd I already have quotations just need the

best price please. price should be CIF Johannesburg or Durban