castable high quality refractory lining and incinerator shell

The incinerator shall have chimney, castable high quality refractory lining and incinerator shell, perforated blind for the primary and secondary combustion chambers and air circulation system.
The incinerator shall also have the following:-
•    Ash door
•    Primary and secondary burners and fans
•    Temperature indicator devices
•    Electrical wiring from the local isolator
•    FD fan
•    Air receiver
•    Air ductwork complete with air dampers
•    Pressure and temperature gauges
•    Fully wired control panel
The bulk oil storage tank shall have a capacity of 10,200 litres and be placed at 0.5m above ground on a firm concrete cradle, complete with the following:-
•    Drain pipe
•    Vent pipe
•    Oil level indicator
•    Access ladder to the top of the tank
•    Coating of the tank with at least 2No. coats of bituminous paint
•    Manhole cover complete with a gasket
•    Dip stick
•    Any other necessary accessory.
The daily oil tank of capacity 1,800 litres and size 1220x1220x1220mm pressed steel tank high shall be placed 2.5 metres high above finished floor level on a steel stand, firmly secured on the ground and the steel members to be bolted.  The daily oil tank shall have an oil level indicator, access manhole, washout, overflow, inlet and outlets connections and gate valves.
The interconnecting pipe of 50mm diameter between the two tanks shall be class ‘C’ black mild steel pipe, complete with a 50mm diameter strainer.  The burner fuel supply pipe from the daily tank shall be a 25mm diameter class ‘C’ black mild steel.
The following shall also be supplied
•    25mm diameter fire valve
•    25mm diameter high capacity strainer
•    heating tap along the burner supply pipe, 25mm diameter
The burner supply pipe shall have 25mm thick fibre glass insulation and finished with gauge 20SWG galvanised steel sheet.
The tenderer shall provide all the necessary controls for proper safety and satisfactory working of the installation.
1.1.1    BURNER
The burner shall be suitable for 35 sec redwood No. 1 scale fuel oil.  It shall be robust in construction and be manufactured in cast iron or other suitable materials complete with mounting plates.  It must be easily mountable and demountable for ease of cleaning and maintenance.  The burner shall have an adequate supply of oil which will readily ignite and burn in a safe manner.  Adequate provision shall be provided to prevent any solid matter in the oil, or any matter that may separate out from the oil from damaging any components or chocking of any orifices or valves.  The free filtering area should be sufficient to ensure that the filter does not need dismantling for cleaning more often than once a year. The burner shall have flame supervision by photo-electric cell with synchronous sequence controller for automatic start up, running and shut-down of the burner.
The burner shall have all the necessary controls e.g.Solenoid valves, ignition controls, photo electric cell fuel safety controls, low pressure fuel supply cut-off etc.
The burner shall conform to BS 799: part 3 and 6 1981 or any other relevant British standard.The burner shall be as NU-WAY models or equal and approved.
1.1.2    CONTROLS
The incinerator shall operate in an automatic manner with all the necessary controls.  These controls are to include safety elements such as flame failure unit, pilot lamps, fuses, starters, overload contactors, ON and OFF switches for burners and fans, combustion chamber temperature indicators for primary and secondary chambers etc.
i)     Electric ignition switch ‘ON’ before the oil is supplied
ii)    Delayed return to re-start position to allow purging
iii)    Re-start after temporary electric supply failure
iv)    Positive safety lock-out in case of flame failure from whatever cause.
v)    Red signal light on control panel to indicate safety lock out
vi)    Photo electric protective cell as flame failure device.
The controls shall be mounted on suitable control panel to be installed in a position easy to read and control from the charging door side of the incinerator.
The control panel shall be fabricated from anodized, 16SWG, mild steel sheet.