Containerized Mobile Type Medium Unit Waste Incinerator

Medium Unit – to handle an average waste production of 500 kg/day.Minimum load capacity: 600 kg.Maximum load capacity: 1,000 kg.Nominal burning rate: 55-80 kg/hr (= 440 640kg range per 8hour day).

Items/Model TS50(PLC)

Principle Waste Incineration Treatment
Burn Rate Average 50-100 kg/hour
Feed Capacity Average 200-300 kg/feeding
Control Mode PLC(Programmable Logic Controller Incinerator)
Optional Upgrade Containerized Mobile Type Incinerator

ISO 20′ Full Container

Combustion Chamber 560L
Internal Dimensions 1000x800x700mm
Secondary Chamber 280L
Smoke Filter Chamber Yes
Feed Mode Manual
Voltage 210/240V 50Hz 1P
Power 1.3Kw
Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Average 20.4(D.O)
Thermal capacity(kw/hour) 166-332
Gas Consumption (m3/hour) ***
Temperature Monitor Digital Display
Oil Tank 1000L
Feed Door 60x50cm
Chimney 10Meter
Chimney Type Stainless Steel
1st. Chamber Temperature 800℃–1000℃
2nd. Chamber Temperature 1000℃-1200℃
Residency Time 2.0 Sec.
Gross Weight 7500kg
External Dimensions 260x160x250cm(without chimney)