dispose Medical waste IV

the incinerator can be used to dispose  Medical waste IV, used needles, used syringes, scalpels, used dressing material ,personal protective equipments like gown, gloves etc. amputated body parts, excreta from patients and other laboratory waste.incineration units that can handle a mix of medical and hazardous wastes. The medical wastes include (but are not limited to) materials contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, fecal matter, and human tissue/organs from surgery. The hazardous compounds include (but are not limited to): xylene, toluene, chloroform, methylene chloride, trichloroethylene, acetonitrile, formaldehyde wastes, chemotherapy wastes (e.g., Chlorambucil, Cytoxin, Daunomycin, etc.) radiology wastes (e.g., glutaraldehyde), and mercury-containing compounds.includes amputated body parts, body fluids including contaminated blood, blood products, excreta from patients, cultures of contagious viruses and other laboratory wastes e.t.c.
Medical might also include used needles, used syringes, used , expired or contaminated dressing materials like bandages, plasters and plastics, e.t.c. The Incinerators should also allow for disposal of other wastes generated in hospital environment.Technical Specifications for Portable Incinerators
The Chamber volume of approximately 0.37m3 and a
1     combustible load volume (volume of material) of
approximately 0.30 m3
2     Burner power of approximately 189,000kcal/hour
Maximum Combustion Temperature of up to 1250
Degree Celsius
Type of emitted Gas: Inert and nil environmental pollution effect
Electrical Power: 220V/50 or 60 Hertz
Fuel: Diesel
Electrical consumption of approximately: 0.35 kw/hr
Fuel consumption range: 7 – 11 ltrs/hr
Controls: Incinerator control including control panel, timer, display for monitoring combustion temperature, system error display, etc.
Packaging/Installation: Incinerator fully assembled and ready to be plugged in power source
Instruction manual: Package must be provided with instruction manual including detailed information to installation, operation, maintenance, interpretation of trouble shooting signals and contact telephones
numbers/emails of local or overseas manufacturer’s technicians that can be contacted for guidance on operation of the equipment, if necessary.
training guide/manual on a compact disc including a demonstration for installation, operation and
maintenance, as well as safety guidelines, etc.
Scope of Supply: Package must be provided including
all the required accessories for installation and must
include spare parts/consumables that are required for a
one year period at a combustion rate of up to 8 hours
Warranty must be provided for a 5-years period
starting with the incinerator’s installation and
including the provision of accessories and