double chamber incinerator

Waste calorific value : 4000KCAL/KG
Moisture Content : 10-25%
Nominal Capacity : 50Kg/Hour batch load
Secondary Chamber : 2 Seconds @ 850degrees C
The primary combustion chamber must ensure minimum exit temperature is not less than 850 degrees C.
Calcium Silicate
Limiting Continuous service limit 1000 degrees C.
Thickness 25mm
50kg/hour at a nominal calorific value of 4,000 kcal/kg and an average bulk density of 120kg/MCubed for general waste and 160kg/MCubed for health care waste.All types of chemicals substances (Biocides) that utilized for Oil operation sites (water base Drilling, oil operating facilities for the corrosion and others: The examples of the biocides are “WS-36, HAI-85M, SODA ASH, DSMA, MICRO MATRIX, CALCIUM CARBONATE FINE, BARAKLEAN, GILSONITE, MIXED WASTE SOIL CHEMICALS, ZINC CARBONATE, CAUSTIC SODA, ENVIROTHIN, BARAZAN D,..etc) as well as the substances are liquid and solid.
2. In regards to the quantity of burning the waste, it could be 200 – 500 kg per hour.
3. Our Operational time can be in Day and can be at night.
4. Can you please give me the cost of unit operated with Diesel  and Gas.The primary combustion chamber is the main structure of the incinerator, fabricated from mild steel plate and stiffened with rolled steel sections. It is carried from the floor level on a substantial steel support frame. Internally the shell is lined with calcium silicate insulation and a hot face combination of super duty brickwork or high strength castable.
The primary combustion chamber must ensure minimum exit temperature is not less than 850°C.
One Manual Load Incinerator comprising:
·???????? Manual Loading door
·???????? Horizontal solid hearth, refractory lined primary combustion chamber. Approximate dimensions 800 mm diameters x 2100mm long
·???????? Full sized bulk load/ash removal door
·???????? 1 off diesel-fired ignition burner — temperature controlled
·???????? 1 off combustion air supply fan and distribution system, automatic control
·???????? High capacity secondary combustion chamber with residence time not less than 2 seconds @ >850°C
·???????? 1 off diesel-fired afterburner — temperature controlled
·???????? Control panel — automatic operation
e????? Temperature indication primary and secondary chambers 0-1200°C
e????? Refractory lined flanged chimney to a height of 10M above ground level