Gasified incineration for burning medical

Fuel type: Natural Gas
Burning Capability:
– 30-50 kg/time
– Daily 3-6 times
Medical Waste Incinerators
To be used by small hospitals and clinics to safely dispose of infectious and pathological wastes.
Load Capacity in the range of up to 200 kg
– Burning Rate approx. 50kg/Hour –
Incinerators to be very effective, fuel efficient with high / low capacity burn rates
and to be designed to meet the Norms of Pollution Control / DEFRA, etc. Technology: Temperature Controlled Burner. Heavy-duty casing, to be a quality, rugged, reliable, economical Medical Waste Incinerator with relevant control, easy to operate and self-contained. Type of Fuel: Diesel / Oil or Petrol.
Units to be pre-assembled, pre-piped, pre-wired & tested before Transport / Export.
Incinerator size: max 2000x1200x3200 mm
Burning room volume:
– Gasification room max 0.7 m3,
– Secondary burning room max 0.5 m3,

Size of the filling entrance: max 650×850 mm
Air blower: max 0,5 kW
Combustion-support combustion machines:
– Power max 0,2 kW

Re-burning machine: Power max 0,2 kW Voltage: 220V / 380V
Weight: max 5000 kg
User Manual Language: English
Up to 25-30 calendar days from the issuance of the Purchase Order (PO)