HEATER For incineration of Lab wastes products

Incinerators to be appropriate for the expert disposal of clinical & & & & medical waste/ rubbish with a better lots capability in the collection of about
1000-1500 Kg. The tough, self-contained burners will offer a exceptionally effective and effective, secure disposal in addition to be made according to appropriate globally directions, e.g. CE, EU, etc
. Sort of Gas: Diesel or Fuel or Gas. Temperature regulated,.
Maybe an incineration capacity of 200 kg/ human resources as well as also a calorific worth of 7500 kcal/ kg. Industrial and also domestical waste.INCINERATOR For incineration of Lab wastes materials

i.Smoke as well as odor free.
ii.High Temperature level, refractory mobile lining with excellent heat retention.
iii.Quick heat up time.
iv.Must have a second chamber.
v.Constant run follower.
vi.Temperature monitoring.
vii.Thermostat Control

Technical Specs.
i.Capacity: approx. 0.20 m3.
ii.Fuel intake: 5 litres/ hour Diesel Oil.
iii.Min Operating Temperature: 900 oC.
iv.Max Operating Temperature: 1350 oC.
v.Residence Time: 2 sec.
vi.Burning rate: 35kg/hr minimum

Normal accessories needed

Consumables as well as also Saves.
Supplied with spares along with consumables to complete a minimum of 1000 assessments