hospital for burning hazardous waste and chimicals

use in the hospital for burning hazardous waste and chimicals, minimum Capacity 300 per hour. I will be reselling to my client?. Below is the information I was given and nothing else. The hospital incinerator for use in the clinical waste as required by international environmental management. Minimum 300 Kg capacity/hr, Fuel fired, refractory lined, chimney and sampling prot. Minimum temperature of 1100 degree Celsiu.the incinerator machine for burn 500kg per hour. project about burn medical waste of the hospitals.Just want to price of you various types of Medical Rubbish Incinerators.need all information on 300 kg per hour unit.  availability.  operational costs using diesel (other).the waste is Human Tissues. And we have 10 kg per day; we need incinerator for medical waste.Burn Capacity: 50kgs per hour (Average capacity according to Medical Waste).please forward information about pricing on all of you pet crematory models.Regarding Gas Incinerator, Please note that Fuel for the Incinerator
will be Gas. As gas is chip in our country.