Incenerator System

Supply, installation and testing of medical waste incinerator with a capacity of 75 kilograms / hour, operated by LPG and including all accessories with chimney in accordance with the technical specifications and public health regulations Item 2
Incinerators room for 3 incinerators as item 3-1-1, and waste store for keeping wastes for 7 days, including all constructions by reinforced concrete with Incenerator and store equipment, all wiring, lighting, water supply and drainage Item 1
Provide Incinerators room & waste store with fire fighting system, including sprinklers, approval of water source at site, fire alarm system contains sensors for heat & smoke, to be linked with the hospital fire alarm systems Item 1
Supply, installation & testing of ventilation system of Incenerator room & store by ROOF TOP EXHAUST FANS with HEPA FILTER, rate of change of air 5 times per hour, with ducts and air grills Item 1
Supply, installation & testing DUCTED SPLIT UNITS at waste store with sufficient capacity to maintain the internal temperature at 14 degrees Celsius in summers and winters Item 1