Incinerator Rated Capacity: 100/KG/Hr

Incinerator Rated Capacity: 100/KG/Hr
Type of Design: Double Chambered
Mode of Heating: Heating Elements

Primary Combustion Chamber
Waste Charging Door: Provided with refractory lining with sealing gaskets
Ash Removed Door: Provided with refractory lining with sealing gaskets
Outer Body MOC: Mild Steel, 5mm
Primary Chamber: Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature :800. ± 50◦C
Insulation: Insulation Brick
Heating Elements Type: Kanthal Al Grade
Power Consumption: 75 KW ( Initial Load )
Electrical Supply :3 Phase 440 Volt
Control Panel
MOC: Mild Steel Power Coated
No. of Temp: Controllers : 2 Nos

Details: The Control Panel will be provided with contract as relays , switches , indicators etc . Operative on 3 phase.
Type: Centrifugal Type
MOC: Mild Steel
Capacity:2 HP/3Phase
Make of Motor: Kirloskar /Havells/Crompton
Combustion Air Fan
Type: Centrifugal Type
Capacity: 1HP/3Phase
Make of Motor: Kirloskar /Havells/Crompton

Type: Wire Supported
MOC: Mild Steel of ISstd
Height :3 Meters or more