incinerators for Liberia

1) minimum with a burning area (kiln) of at least 2.8 m3   (KG/Hour is not the driving factor)
2) Large – Must reach 1300 degree temperature or higher and approved for medical waste burning and be capable of burning > 4 m3 of materials at one time (the Hurikan 500 incinerator model or equivalent).
– fully EU legislation ABPR 1069/2009 compliant and for efficiency and clean emissions
Mild steel welded fabrication consisting of sheet steel and structural section supports and bracings. Articulated trailer supplied in compliance with the country of destination.
Primary chamber – Consists of a monolithic high grade refractory concrete with high grade insulation backing, . Utilising a refractory hearth or equivalent for continuous ash removal.
Secondary Chamber – Consists of high density, low thermal mass refractory ceramic fibre with an innovative low emissivity protective coating.