laboratory incinerator china manufacturer

Solid waste to be incinerated



Cartons,  rags,  cotton  and  other  wastes  associated  with  generation  of  electricity loaded in the incinerator in


Loading capacity: At least 100 Kg / h



Start up fuel



Diesel Oil




2.3  Incinerator Supply



The incinerator shall be equipped with sludge pumps that allow homogenous flow of sludge to its burner. These pumps

shall deliver waste oil from the incinerator sludge mixing tank to the incinerator. Operation and control of these

pumps shall be fully automatic. A linear negative feedback control algorithm shall be used to adjust the feed rate of

the sludge pumps and hence vary the quantity of sludge being incinerated. The sludge line shall also be equipped with

appropriate self cleaning filter that will keep impurities away from the burner.

A  sludge  mixing  tank  equipped  with  a  superheated  water  heater  shall  also  be

provided. A Superheated water heater shall be provided to heat the waste oil to the inlet temperature required by the

incinerator. In case a superheated water heater


cannot be provided, an electric heater shall be provided for the tank. The tank shall also be equipped with a magnetic

level indicator, level switches and appropriate drain valves, separate overflow and vent pipes.



Characteristics of superheated water available at the power station are as follows; Pressure and temperature of

superheated water at supply manifold; P = 10 Bars, T = 150 Deg

Pressure and temperature of superheated water at return manifold; P = 8.5 Bars, T = 140 Deg