large animal incinerators

The incinerator shall also be equipped with special loading devices and mechanisms that allow safe incineration of

solid waste simultaneously with liquid sludge. Loading of solid waste may be achieved through bags.


All intermediate piping, bellows and other fittings for connection between the tanks

, burner, compressor and other equipment supplied on the skid shall be supplied by the successful bidder. Bidder shall

indicate connection points for sludge, DO and Hot water. Pipings up to these connection points will be on the charge of

the CEB. All equipment, such as pumps, blower fans, compressors and etc forming part of the incinerator lot shall take

their electrical supply from an electrical panel. The panel should  be  equipped  with  appropriate  circuit  breakers

and  contactors  for  each component and shall allow independent padlocking of the equipment by operators without

intervening from inside of the panel. All padlocking works shall be made from outside the electrical panel. The

Electrical panel shall take supply from an external 3 phase supply.



2.4  Electrical Panel


The panel nominal voltage shall be 415 Vac and its rated insulation voltage shall be 1000 Vac.


–      The main compartment shall be fed from an existing switchboard



The panel shall be of factory assembled, metal clad and draw-out type in design for outdoor application.