Manual economical winding filter

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Product introduction:

In order to save the customer’s expenses, the manual roll-up filter is actually a simple type of roller shutter air filter product. The main feature is that it saves the automatic control function. Manually shake the hand wheel to realize the process of filter material replacement.

working principle

It is mainly composed of filter material, transmission system and automatic control system.

The new filter material is installed in the loading box. When the intake air with high concentration of dusty air passes through the winding filter, the pressure difference between the front and rear of the filter gradually increases with the increase of the dust; when the filter resistance rises to the set final resistance When the value is reached , the pressure difference switch starts to act, and the winding system updates the filter material; when the rolling time is reached, the transmission is stopped, the update of the filter material is completed, and the filter is restarted.

Product Features:

* Sturdy structure, can meet the harshest working environment

* Manual replacement of filter materials, effectively saving energy and reducing costs

* Modular design can meet any type of system design and installation requirements

* Different materials and configuration options for low , medium and high-end to meet the differentiated needs of customers

Material: high-quality cold-rolled steel plate paint, aluminum profile or SUS 304

Control: manual

Filter material: dedicated mesh filter material, G3, G4 (EN779) efficiency

Installation: The finished product can be operated at the delivery site only if it is powered on. If the on-site installation space is limited, the parts can be packaged and shipped, and the goods can be assembled and formed flexibly when they arrive at the site.


* Effectively filter the fresh air in the clean room with large particles of air to provide more qualified air into the clean room;

* Effectively prevent the appearance of stains around the fresh air outlet of the air conditioner, and the service life of the middle-efficiency high-efficiency filter in the back section of the palace is long;

* Effectively prevent serious dust accumulation in the blower of the sewage treatment plant, and install it at the front end of the blower to effectively protect the blower;

* For the air filter system of chemical plants, textile factories, spraying workshops, etc., perform initial filtration to remove most of the particulate matter and effectively improve the quality of exhaust gas and circulating gas.

Product size and air volume parameter table

Note: 1. The air volume value calculated at the above wind speed @2.5m/s  

     2. When the width>06ft, it needs to be divided into multiple units and assembled

     3. Can provide customers with a variety of non-standard size customization

Standard drawing

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