medical incinerator design

It is expected that the Bidder will cooperate closely with PATH and target Hospitals for the new waste handling

building/area and will make available all needed technical information, drawings, etc.,


The following waste streams shall be treated in the new HCW treatment center(s):


Infectious waste


Sharps waste


Pathological waste


Pharmaceutical waste including cytotoxic or genotoxic waste


Small amounts of chemical waste




1.Hydroclave for Medical waste Treatment Plant: Quantity: 02 Nos.

General Requirements

The processor must be approved to sterilize  & treat the following types of medical waste:

-Liquids: Blood, body fluids etc.

-Blood bags & tubing, gloves, Gowns, drapes, etc.

-Contaminated packaging: bandage etc.

-Sharps & Sharp containers

-Disposable instruments

-Glass products

-Human and animal tissue (surgical and pathologic) –Based upon MWM regulations

-Cultures, stocks and glassware

The processor must comply with a documented efficacy level of 6log10 reduction in spore survival (99,9999%) of the

Bacillus Stearothermophilus

The processor should reduce the volume of the waste by 60% to 80% through complete dehydration and sterilization of

the waste

The  processor must have ZERO harmful emission level and meet or exceed all standards required by the EU.

The whole waste treatment system should be offered as a complete unit consisting of following equipment and


(A)The sterilization processing unit

(B)Steam Boiler

(C)Tub washer

(D)Heavy duty external shredder-

(E)Conveyer belt-based on Manufacturer’s Recommendations

(F)Bin Lift/Tipper

(G)Spore tester

(A)Features and Specifications of the Sterilization Processor unit:

Technical specification of the processor:

Steam autoclave in combination with a heavy duty Fragmenting System inside the vessel/chamber

The vessel must be of Double Chamber

Capacity (kg/load) : minimum 200 kg/batch/cycle

Volume of 140-190 liters of bulk per cycle

Average Cycle time : 60 minutes

Operating temperature: 121◦C to 135◦C

Operating pressure : 1.1 Bar to 2.4 Bar