medical incinerator primary combustion price

Equipped with main combustion  chamber and a second chamber  for reburning  designed to ensure  complete

combustion  of the gases  resulting  from  incomplete  combustion  of inert gases in the chimney, within the standards

recommended  by the World Health Organization;


  1. Equipped with temperature controller to adjust the air of the combustion of the waste, and fuel flow in the

burners of the firing chamber and  re-burning  in order  to conserve power when reached the “stead state” of the

combustion process;


  1. The control system must also be provided  with an audible alarm  in case of decrease  in temperature. The

characteristic of local power is three-phase 220/127V – 60Hz.;


  1. The natural circulation of the gases will be induced in a chimney height at least 6 meters and diameter of

at least 40 centimeters, so that negative pressure  is sufficient to protect the operator from excess of fires or

dispersion  of noxious gases;


  1. Supplied with electrical  control  panel  with  thermo-magnetic protection  and  command buttons; and,


  1. Equipped with   pyrometers  meters/controller   of   thermocouple  temperature   with chromium-aluminium,

range  0-1200 Deg C (to  observe  the  temperature of the  first  and