medical waste furnace

The incinerator to be fully assembled wired and logic function tested in the factory, prior to dispatch.


–      One high flue gas temperature indicator/alarm to provide an audio/visual warning in the event of high flue gas

temperatures occurring in two stages:-


First stage audible alarm, second stage incinerator shutdown, with one voltage free contact for connection to a

remote alarm system.


–      Flexible wire control linkages to bring under fire air, overfire air and burner slide plate control to front of



–      One fire protection system, comprising fusible links over burners, deadweight fire valve, electrically

interlocked with incinerator controls.


–      Special feeding door with thermal lock to protect the operator from accident.




  1. The chamber shall consists of a welded steel shell of minimum 6mm thickness plate reinforcing strips and

connections for primary air supply, start-up burner, thermal reactor, water injection and all necessary measuring probe



  1. The entire chamber, including all the connections shall be lined with a composition of castable hot face

refractory suitable for a continuous service temperature of 1500 deg. C. This lining shall be separated from the steel

construction by a second layer of insulation. Heat resistant cast steel plates with many fine holes shall be lied over

the refractory lined floor of the unit with a space between the two.


  1. The chamber shall be externally primed and sprayed with a silicone enamel paint.




  1. The reactor shall consist of welded cylindrical steel sections of minimum 9.5mm thickness plate.


  1. The whole chamber shall internally be constructed with a refractory lining.


  1. The chamber shall be provided with connection for the low temperature carbonization gas intake, the flue gas

outlet, the secondary and tertiary air supply, the reactor burner and all the required measuring probes.


  1. Externally the reactor shall be primed and sprayed with a silicone enamel paint.