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Waste type: health care waste Waste density: 125 to 350Kg/M3 Waste calorific value: 4000KCAL/kg Moisture content: 10 – 25% Estimated ash residue: 5 – 10% Nominal capacity: 50kg/hr batch load Secondary chamber: 2 [email protected]?C Environmental: NEMA ACT (EMCA) 1999, Waste Management regulations, 2006 Primary Combustion chamber: The primary combustion chamber is the main structure of […]
Burring Ability 100/ 200 KG/ human resources Please develop your deal right here Variety of Heater 02 Nos Please write your bargain here Burner Kind Dual Chamber Main Chamber Secondy Chamber Please compose your deal right here Burner Layout Controlled Air Please compose your offer listed below Gas to be taken advantage of Gas/ Deisel […]
INCINERATOR WITH CONTROL UNIT Has been specifically designed for use in: – Hospitals – Clinics – Laboratories – Disaster relief Operations – Animal Cremation – Can be used to eliminate medical waste with reliable, on site technology   An innovative system for medical facilities.  It has been designed to eliminate hospital waste (including infectious and […]
1. SCOPE OF WORK The work specified in the contract will include. 1. Supply, install and commission an incinerator as provided in the technical specifications 2. Provision for adherence to OSHA and other statutory requirement relating to Health and Safety of workers during execution of the works covered in this tender. 3. Assessment and preparation […]
Waste Incineration HICLOVER Model TS75  Items/Model TS75( PLC) Photo Concept Waste Incineration Burn Rate Average 75 kg/hour Feed Capability Common 150kg Control Establishing PLC( Programmable Thinking Controller Burner) Burning Chamber 770L Inner Measurements 100x81x95cm Second Chamber 385L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Setting Manual Voltage 220V Power 0.7 Kw Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Common 16.9 Gas […]
medical waste incinerator iraq price HICLOVER TS10 PLC 10kgs per hour Items/Model TS10( PLC) Image Melt Price Regular 10 kg/hour Feed Capability Requirement 20kg/feeding Control Mode Programmable Reasoning Controller( PLC) Panel Combustion Chamber 100L Indoor Dimensions 50x50x40cm 2nd Chamber 50L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Setting Handbook Voltage 220V Power 0.5 Kw Oil Usage (kg/hour) standard […]
Item Needs Layout YD-30C Key Product Listing Key Burning Chamber( Main body stainless-steel) Additional Burning Chamber( Key body stainless steel) Mix-Combustion Chamber Wet Scrubber( Laundering Tower)( Text stainless-steel) Heater Control Circumstance Smokeshaft:5.0 Meters *( upgrade to Stainless-steel, complimentary expense) Italy burner: 02 collections Oil Storage Container (if oil gas): 100Liters Automatic PLC controller incinerator plant […]
Large Capacity Animal Pet Cremation HICLOVER Model A1500 with E-Power Auto. Door Variation A1500 Inner Dimensions 150 x 100 x 96cm Match for Animal Pet dog pet cat – – – – yes – Dog – yes Pig – – small Cow – – tiny Main Product Listing Main Burning Chamber Added Burning Chamber Mix-Combustion […]
Version YD-30 Mobile Kind Picture Burning Price Ordinary 30 kgs/hour Feed Capacity Common 60 kgs/feeding Chamber Text Stainless-steel Mobile Attribute With Wheel and likewise Brake Main Burning Chamber 280 Liters Second Combustion Chamber 150 Litres Mix Burning Chamber Yes Feed Setting Handbook Voltage 220V Power 1.5 Kw Gas Kind Diesel Oil Burner Italy Original Oil […]
1.The double chamber incinerator shall preferably be designed. Air supply in the primary and secondary chamber shall be regulated between 30%-80% and 170%-120% of stoichiometric amount respectively. Flow meter/suitable flow measurement device shall be provided on the primary and secondary air ducting. The combustion air shall be supplied through a separate forced draft fan accounting […]