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News from: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/01/26/wuhan-virus-china-mobilises-medical-teams-to-fight-new-coronavirus  WUHAN (Bernama): China is mobilising medical staff to aid Wuhan, the centre of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, as the country reported 830 confirmed cases of pneumonia, caused by the virus and 25 deaths by the end of Thursday (Jan 23). By Thursday midnight, Hubei Province in central China reported 549 cumulative confirmed […]
———————————–   Failure to establish the authenticity of the certificate the bidder is liable to render the bid non-responsive and bidder open to action in the line with applicable regulations and act. Original catalogue must be submitted Original data sheet must be submitted Lot-B Solidifier (Fluid waste disposal Product)   Liquid Waste Solidifier for Water […]
50kgs per hour incinerator with two chambers suppliers from china *Aveage 50kgs per hour *Double chamber and double burner *900liters primary combustion chamber *Italy burner *Stainless steel chimney Variation YD-50 Burning Cost Average 50 kgs/hour Feed Ability Typical 150 kgs Primary Burning Chamber 900 Litres Added Combustion Chamber 300 Litres Mix Burning Chamber Yes Smoke […]
30kgs per hour(average) medical waste incinerator, design dual  combustion chambers(primary chamber and secondary chamber),  smoke filter chamber, PLC auto. control system, 0.33m3(330liters) primary combustion chamber, italy oil or gas fuel burner. for small  hospital medical waste treatment. Buy waste incinerator, find hiclover Items/Model TS30 PLC Idea Waste Incineration Burn Rate Criterion 30kgs/hour Gas Kind Diesel Oil/Natural […]
1) Policy – Waste disposal management shall be taken special note to prevent hospital infection. – Infections wastes shall be managed, stored strictly and burned by a incinerator located at hospital site.   2) Waste Disposal Plan a)Classification – Medical wastes in hospital are classified as follows;   Infections Waste Specially-controlled waste Organ, needle, etc. Industrial waste […]
Waste Incinerator Door: Side/Front Opening Door VS. Top Opening Door Things Side Loading Door Top Loading Door Suggestion Cost Affordable High expense Manufacture Tech. Easy A clutter tough Safty safe a lot more protected Burner Creating L/ I L Filling up hands-on huge door can be by Forklift Land job little big Ash door exact […]
The incinerator shall be equipped with water injection nozzle connection. If the temperature in the primary chamber should rise too high (normal temperature between 300 and 800?C) during the operating time, the automatic water injection shall be activated to decease the temperature.   The incinerator shall have the following features and facilities:-   a-    Fuel […]
The incinerator shall be provided with a range of interconnecting ductwork between the thermal reactor outlet and the inlet of the chimney. This ductwork shall consist of refractory lined tubes and high temperature resistant tubes made from rolled sheet steel of minimum 3mm thickness, welded along the length.   The standard chimney shall be made […]
“PYROLYTIC” combustion, by controlling the gasification of waste The incinerator manufacturer must avoid the release of black smoke and fine dust, during the loadings. It shall be able to reduce the volume of wastes by 98%. It shall be able to hold emission in the second burn with gas residence of not less than 2 […]
The incinerator to be fully assembled wired and logic function tested in the factory, prior to dispatch.   –      One high flue gas temperature indicator/alarm to provide an audio/visual warning in the event of high flue gas temperatures occurring in two stages:-   First stage audible alarm, second stage incinerator shutdown, with one voltage free […]