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The medical waste to be disposed from the incinerator is a mixture of plastics, paper, Sort 4 waste, etc., and is a widely changing character having a Btu content that might well exceed the reported price of 2,326,000 J/kg (1000 Btu percent ). Prior to developing final design of the incinerator, comprehensive waste category needs […]
Biological and Pathological Waste Incinerator is defined as human and animal remains, such as organs, animal carcasses, and solid organic wastes from hospitals, laboratories, slaughterhouses, animal pounds, and similar sources. This type of waste contains up to 85 percent moisture and not more than 5 percent incombustible solids, and has a heating value as low […]
Gasified incineration for burning medical wastes. Fuel type: Natural Gas Burning Capability: –     30-50 kg/time –     Daily 3-6 times Incinerator size:  max 2000x1200x3200 mm Burning room volume: –     Gasification room max 0.7 m3, –     Secondary burning room max 0.5 m3, Size of the filling entrance: max 650×850 mm Air blower: max 0,5 kW Combustion-support combustion […]
The medical waste incineration industry was given birth to in the late 1980s by the confluence of two high profile media circuses: one – the HIV hysteria – and two – multiple media accounts of bags of syringes, needles, plasma bags, IV tubing, bottles of pills and even body parts washing up on the shores […]