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Hospital Waste Management as well as Competitive prices as Pakistan is a competitive market. We have a complete setup with Office, Customer Relations, Import / Export, Biomedical Department, Application Support Department & Project Designing Department.Description        Minimum Requirements Design standard    Multiple chamber incinerator to the design of EPA  standards, Air pollution control Description of the […]
Incinerator for hospital waste management with the following features: • In high temperatures (pyrolytic incinerator two chambers with temperatures ranging from 950 º C to 1320 º C; • Ability to destruction of 400 to 600kg per hour; • Capable of destroying microorganisms; • Drain ash; • Drain needle and glass crusher; • Porch with […]
hospital waste management team at a tertiary care hospital ,1250 beeded hsopital . our daily waste generated from all sources is 0.55kg/bed/day =685kg/day we need an incinerator of 150kg/hour loading capacity. plz reply with , buying,installation, running and maintenance cost.incinerators, specifically, medical was incinerators Department of Health has floated a tender for Incinerator X 1 […]
incenratory Gilgit-Baltistan Environmental Protection Agency intends to mange hospital waste through piloting of three major districts headquarter hospitals (Hunza/Nagar, Skardu, Chillas and Gilgit and city hospital Gilgit) through integrated Solid/Biomedical Waste management.   For this purpose GBEPA has planned to procure solid/biomedical waste incinerators with other necessary equipment through open competitive Single stage (two envelop […]