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De manera atenta solicito me colabore con la cotizacion del incinerador incluyendo envió.Puri group a hospitality business in Indonesia is interested to introduce renewable energy in Indonesia or to use the energy sources for its facility around Indonesia. Kindly request to have more information on incinerator technology as it is needed to process 100 ton […]
Waste incineration technology sprouted in the late 1800s. Since the 20th century, with the development of greatly improved and incineration of municipal waste production, waste incineration has become in many countries to develop waste treatment technology. Garbage incinerator waste incineration is the core technology. Early incinerators by coal-fired boiler manufacturing factory, does not apply to […]
  Principle of the Incinerator equipment is incineration/combustion/burn. Generally, the function is waste treatment for Solid waste, Liquid waste, Gas waste, etc.   The main body is one combustion chamber (at least), Refractory line or firebrick, Insulation materials and the outer plate. Ignition element is external oil or gas burner. The burner can be running […]
RUBBISH disposal is a lucrative business in urban areas, so much so that we have companies that are eager to propose incinerators to help us deal with the problem. After all, Japan and Germany are big-time users of this technology, so it has to be good right? In 2004, the Kuantan Municipal Council built an […]