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* medical incinerators, The insulation of the combustion chamber should be composed of refractory bricks, having a high content of aluminium and insulates bricks in order to assure a minimum temperature on the outside sheet metal. * Composition of the refractory; ?    Refractory concrete : ?    . Thickness    : ≥100 mm ?    . Nature: 42% […]
Our normal activities generates 2-5 tons of assorted waste materials per day which range from condemned carcasses, and medical incinerator primary combustion price other wastes all which need to be incinerated at above 800Centigrade measured flue exhaust gas.To be used by small hospitals and clinics to safely dispose of infectious and pathological wastes. Load Capacity […]
the following containerized incinerators. (Kitchen and accommodation and grey water and black water plant removing waste) we need incinerator is each function separate are all in one incinerator we need informed. Plant we installing for our accommodation barge used in an offshore marine construction project. 200 People would be accommodated onboard. WASTE INCINERATORS RECOMMENDATIONS china […]
Toxic and dangerous wastes, Medical pharmaceutical and hospitable liquids  Wastes Domestic garbage Electric and electronic wastes Industrial wastes In General, all type of wastes and garbages Capacity 50-60Kg/h Combustion supporting materials Coal oil, diesel oil Temperature inside 800-10000C 1000-12000C Burning efficiency >98% Power consumption 1.3KW Noise <78dB Index of let smoke and waste gas Ringelman’s […]
1.The double chamber incinerator shall preferably be designed. Air supply in the primary and secondary chamber shall be regulated between 30%-80% and 170%-120% of stoichiometric amount respectively. Flow meter/suitable flow measurement device shall be provided on the primary and secondary air ducting. The combustion air shall be supplied through a separate forced draft fan accounting […]
Single and Dual Chamber Medical Incinerator.durable and highly efficient incinerators with various capacities for hospital/medical waste, cremation and other solid waste treatments.   Chamber Double Burning Rate      10 kg per hour (for two incinerators) Burning Rate     20 kg per hour (for three incinerators) Loading   Method   Manual No of Burners   Single for 10 kg/hour and Double […]
3 Medical Waste Incinerator of 20 kg/hr capacity with dual burner.Medical Waste Incineration Systems. i’m interested to destroy about 200 kg remains. a Medical Incinerator project for Tehran municipality. Our purpose for this project is to establish a plant in order to incinerate Medical waste with 50 ton/day capacity. a incinerator with 100 kg / […]
medical waste incinerator solutions and prices for 100 bed / 500 bed / 1000 bed / 3000 bed hospitals. – Assumption: general hospital beds 50%, operation beds 50% for the 100 bed hospital case, while this ratio is 30-70% for the other cases –  international standards and waste creations assumptions should apply INCINERATOR, DIESEL. CAPACITY […]
WASTE INCINERATOR –          150 KG/HR –          Compliant with EU rules, Directive 2000/76/EC –          Fuel type: Diesel –          Easy management and maintenance –          Temperatures: 850 deg C for municipal waste 1000 deg C for medical waste 1100 deg C for dangerous waste containing halogenated organic substances with content of chlorine or its compounds.a incinerator with an […]
a specific type to use at a crematorium. Something that allows specifically for ash collection etc.cremation option to the deceased’s family. Is this product suitable, are ashes easily collected etc. a cremator, for pet clinic, could you introduce and all detail of sales, tax, environtment.-Plastic. 500Kg/hr and to be used maximum 6 times, is this […]