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* medical incinerators, The insulation of the combustion chamber should be composed of refractory bricks, having a high content of aluminium and insulates bricks in order to assure a minimum temperature on the outside sheet metal. * Composition of the refractory; ?    Refractory concrete : ?    . Thickness    : ≥100 mm ?    . Nature: 42% […]
WASTE INCINERATOR –          150 KG/HR –          Compliant with EU rules, Directive 2000/76/EC –          Fuel type: Diesel –          Easy management and maintenance –          Temperatures: 850 deg C for municipal waste 1000 deg C for medical waste 1100 deg C for dangerous waste containing halogenated organic substances with content of chlorine or its compounds.a incinerator with an […]
Polaris Energy saving News: With the extensive use of the health care industry and the development of medical disposable products, medical waste generation is growing rapidly. The latest data show that there were 261, in the city to the community solid waste pollution prevention information, only these 261 cities this year, medical waste volume reached […]
The medical waste incineration industry was given birth to in the late 1980s by the confluence of two high profile media circuses: one – the HIV hysteria – and two – multiple media accounts of bags of syringes, needles, plasma bags, IV tubing, bottles of pills and even body parts washing up on the shores […]
The past few months have been a very busy time for CLOVER. The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has resulted in all of the Global aid organisations contacting CLOVER to support them in getting the necessary equipment to the effected regions. waste incineration technical provider in german, incinerator container, The United Nations, UNOPS and […]