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100-150kgs Burning cost with Second burning to be usage in the health center

Oil tank with 2000Liters capacity Items/Model TS150( PLC) Image Principle Waste Incineration Therapy Burn Rate Requirement 100-150 kg/hour Feed Ability Standard 750kg/feeding Control Setting PLC( Programmable Thinking Controller Burner) Text Steel 8mm thickness Chamber Product High Alumina Fire Brick Wall Surface, 1750 ℃ Rate Paint for outside face 800 ° C Rate Combustion Chamber 1570L […]

pet incinerator

The incinerator plant shall incorporate a control panel for its operation. On the control panel we shall have a visual display of the chamber temperatures. This visual display must control and monitor the incinerator and his performance. Capacity of destruction in weight shall be 60 Kg/h. It should be able to operate not less than […]

Containerized Mobile Heater CA100

Incinerator Variation CA100, Summary 100Kg/Hour Burning price with Secondary burning Capability This design is tiny medical waste incineration gadgets. Building and building is dual/double combustion chamber with 02 units oil burner, batch load incineration equipment. Animal feed  chamber is 560Liters (Model CA100). Primary & Secondary combustion chambers and smoke  filter chamber with firebrick and  refractory […]


Waste Incineration Treatment Burn rate (rate of waste incineration) -at least 50 kg per hour  Oil tank smoke filter chamber Items/Model TS100( PLC) Image Principle Waste Incineration Therapy Burn Price Average 50-100 kg/hour Feed Capability Average 200kg/feeding Control Establishing PLC( Programmable Thinking Controller Incinerator) Burning Chamber 1000L Internal Measurements 120x100x90cm 2nd Chamber 540L Smoke Filter Chamber […]

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All particles of the waste should achieve a high level of sterilization and not just “disinfection” due to the continuous agitations Description of the Treatment Cycle of the processor i) Loading * The waste has to be loaded by dropping bagged and or boxed waste into the open loading door on the vessel. * The […]

Waste Incineration Therapy Incinerators Avg. 100kgs per hour

HICLOVER incinerator exert the advantages and discard the disadvantages of the same kind of equipment at domestic and abroad. It is an unique and international advanced medical waste incineration equipment. The equipment is small size, high efficiency, reasonable process, leading technologies and a high harmless degree, ideal garbage treatment equipment for hospital, laboratory, hotel, station, etc. […]

Tool Range Solid Waste Burner

Double Combustion Chamber,Double Italy Burner,Smoke Filter Included,Burning Rate: 50-200kgs per hour optional,Primary Combustion Chamber: 1.57M3(1570Liters),Incinerator Mainbody steel: 8mm thickness,Paint for outside face: 800°C Rate,Chamber Material: High Alumina Fire Brick Wall, 1750℃ Rate,Idea for campsite average or below 600 people,Chimney: 10 Meters, Stainless steel… Items/Model TS150( PLC) Principle Waste Incineration Treatment Shed Rate Average 150 kg/hour […]

Containerized Burner Design CA30 from HICLOVER

Containerized Incinerator is one type of mobile incinerator. we build the incinerator and mounted the incinerator into shipping container(20′ container or 40′ container), with necessary Basic work, such as flooring, lighting, wiring, etc. Items/Model CA30 Image Shed Rate Common 10 kg/hour Feed Capability Average 30kg per feeding Control Establishing PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Burner) Combustion […]

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Medical Waste Shredder    Capacity: Should be 150 liters.  Should be capable to shred up to 100 liters of the treated waste. 7  The technology should be capable to treat hospital waste including sharps like needles, lancets, scalpels and soft materials like bandages.  Must render the waste to be unrecognizable. Following […]

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Petrol: diesel   Consumption: 8-10liter/hour   Capacity: to cremate (carrion and spoils) 350-400kg/hour   Temperature: 900-1350?C   Operation temperature: -30~40?C   Incinerator weight: 1800-2000 kg   Volume: 0.70-0.80m/cube   Exterior dimension: 1.4-1.6*1.0-1.15m (L*W) An incinerator represents a complete solution to the problem of disposal of all hospital waste types. The liquid fuel is diesel. The […]