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i- burners: use diesel , natural gas , liquefied petroleum gases according to standards burners should have main vent to be used for protection. 2- materials: -the chamber should be covered from inside with refractory brick with thickness 22 cm aluminum silicate insulation 11cm thickness with the ability to change this layer . – All […]

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Hazardous as well as likewise hazardous wastes, Medical pharmaceutical along with pleasant fluids Wastes Residential trash Electric as well as electronic wastes Hazardous waste Generally, all kind of wastes and also rubbishes Ability 50-60Kg/ h Combustion sustaining materials Coal oil, diesel oil Temperature degree inside 800-10000C 1000-12000C Burning performance > 98% Power intake 1.3 KW […]


Biomedical Waste Any type of type of fluid or strong waste which may supply a danger of infection to individuals consisting of non-liquid tissue, body parts, blood or blood products as well as body fluids, research laboratory and also veterinary waste which includes human disease- setting off representatives, as well as disposed of sharps (i.e. […]

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Ash should be only 5% of the waste material   Weight of Incinerator – 50-60 Kg Municipal incinerators with a 10-metric ton/24-hour capacity, complete with Stacks, control panels and all accessories, complying with 01015 par. 5.16.1 LOT 2.0   Medical incinerator with a 10 kg/hour (15 lbs/hour) capacity shall be constructed on the site, complete […]

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chemical agents to be utilized: 10% heptyl (unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine) water solution, heptyl (unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine) vapour with 0.8 to 1.0 kg/m3 concentration, 10% azotic (nitric) acid water solution, azotic (nitric) acid vapour with concentration up to 1.1 kg/m3; 2.    neutralization method: thermal decomposition; 3.    neutralization temperature: +800?C to +1200?C; 4.    performance: ?    vapour capacity: 70 to […]

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secondary chamber 1000 degree   chimney standard   shredder separately   Autoclave or microwaves separately   temperature monitor attached outside of machine   operating Fuel and electric During the start and end incineration operations at the waste incineration plant the temperature shall be maintained at 850 °C, while it shall be 1100 °C when incinerating […]

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Lately among customers informed us their goal to procure 1 system Gas Incinerator.medical waste burner to shed the wastes of university hospital in Egypt, the capacity asked for is 5 lots per day.the medium heater that takes advantage of both power as well as likewise oil.A SMALL PET CREMATORY WITH GAS

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Waste Incinerator Capacity The waste incinerator units shall be designed to burn medical waste load of capacity 50 kg/hr with calorific values ranging from 2,300 kJ/kg to 30,000 kJ/kg at a designed thermal rate of 1,440,000 kJ/hr.   Method of Waste Charging Waste shall be fed into the primary chamber manually, that is by hand. […]

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use in the health center for melting contaminated materials as well as chimicals, marginal Capacity 300 per hr. I will be marketing to my client?. Below is the information I was provided as well as definitely nothing else. The healthcare facility burner for usage in the professional waste as required by worldwide ecological administration. Minimum […]