waste burner supplier in china

  1. Burning rate: 250 Kg/hr.
  2. It should be able to Operate not Less than 10 hours/day
  3. This incinerator must be able to destruct all combustible wastes produced by hospitals, private clinics, laboratories, institutes, etc…
  4. Design Specification: Types A, B, C, D, and E of medical waste
  5. “PYROLYTIC” combustion, by controlling the gasification of waste.
  6. The incinerator must avoid the release of black smoke and fine dust, (Smokeless) during the loadings.
  7. It should be able to reduce the volume of wastes by 98%.
  8. It should be able to hold emission in the second burn with gas residence of not less than 2 seconds.

The incineration must be entirely free from noticeable smoke along with offending smells.

  1. The lower calorific power (L.C.P) of this waste will be 3,500 kcal/kg
  • The Temperatures of combustion:Minimum will be 850oC and max 1400oC
  • Post combustion: >1100o
  1. The Internal diameter of the Chimney: Ø 400mm² and its height: 8 Meter
  2. The Volume of the combustion chamber: Not Less Than 2.3 M³
  3. Burner operation should be Automatic On/Off
  4. Fuel : diesel, LPG, Natural Gas, Bio fuel
  5. The supplier must provide  necessary information for the best of  the installation

This incinerator with “PYROLYTIC” burning should have:

  1. A combustion chamber of waste:

* Completely tight door for the manual loading of waste.The loading need to be Handbook, Set Lots,

* A burner of lighting which the use is limited to the ignition of waste.

* Leading Loading loading with door seals gone up on joints, wheel of screw plug, flexible joint, and also packing shielding out of refractory.

* The insulation of the combustion chamber should be composed of refractory blocks, having a high material of aluminum and shields blocks in order to assure a minimum temperature level on the outside sheet steel.

* Make-up of the refractory;

  • Refractory concrete :
    • . Thickness : ≥100 mm
    • . Nature: 42% of Al203
  • Insulate in fibrous panels :
    • . Thickness: ≥75 mm
  • Nature: Calcium silicate.

* Burner of illumination of waste, with gas, standard mono-bloc spreading directing plunging flame, illumination and safety of digital ignition, irreversible air flow, electromagnetic sluice gate of guideline and isolating valve.

* Plate of combustion in Carborundum, preventing the repairing of glass as well as slags.

  1. Load Method: Top Loading
  1. A chamber of post combustion of gases

* A burner of combustion of gases,

* A device of shot of air enabling a complete recombustion of gases,

* A gadget of air inlet of cooling of waste gases,

* A sheath of evacuation of the gases scorched.

* Carcass in solid sheet steel with support of connection.

* Composition of the refractory;

  • Refractory concrete :
    • Thickness : ≥180 mm
    • Nature: 65% of Al203
  • Insulate in fibrous panel :