a pet incinerator for the cremation of dogs

We have a 70 bed hospital in namibia. however there is a potential of getting customers from other local doctors.
a small incinerators (ex. please see attached) for some empty chemical bags. Can you please provide me with some details information about these type of incinerators (small scale). a pet incinerator for the cremation of dogs and cats. It will be single use of each pet seperately.Initially we are planning to start this Pilot Project with the National Hospital, to convince the Ministry Officials and on its success to take this project to the Teaching Hospitals, District and Base Hospitals in the Country.municipality need 4 crematory machine for cadavers. I need some information about  price ,  kine of energy for activation ,toxic emission,The incinerator we are looking should be with the advantages of Heat recycling system, utilization of hot water, etc. Capacity – 150-200 kgs/hr and with International standards.get more information about the Pet Cremation Equipment, specially for dogs and cats.