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实时更新 2021年6月15日

Stericycle, Inc., a leading provider of medical waste management, and patient engagement solutions in the US, has been named the winner of a Silver …

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Biomedical waste has risen quickly in hospitals and healthcare industry over the years, and this is the first step towards proper biomedical waste …

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Suitable containers include the following: red medical sharps waste containers, liquid laundry detergent bottles, or plastic coffee containers. Sharps …

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Examples include patient intake/admission, patient food services, equipment and facility maintenance, housekeeping and laundry, medical waste …

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1364 series of 2020 or the Interim Guidelines on the Management of COVID-19 Related Health-Care Waste, especially that there is a notable increase …

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… conditions of infection control, sterilisation of medical tools, disposal of medical waste in accordance with local and international laws and standards, …

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ReDress – Kerri Cooper, Imperial College London. Single-use medical textiles like bandages and gauze are a huge source of waste in healthcare, with …

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