the three incinerators for burning and incineration of drugs and toxic substances

Requirements and specifications for the process of supply, installation, operation and guarantee the three incinerators for burning and incineration of drugs and toxic substances for customs department

Free three years guarantee for incinerators from delivery date. In addition of free spare parts guarantee letter should be valid for 10 years from the end date of guarantee.
Electric unit should be delivered with service manual in English
Electric capacity should be 380-220 v 60 Hz for all equipment
Delivered time as soon as possible
Validity of offer should be not less than 6 months
In case of order, we need two certificates of origin that should be stamped from Saudi embassy in your country
Commercial invoice (certified from Chamber of Commerce)
Two original bills
Send someone to fix and train our staff for 5 people in each location
Send your manuals for installation units
Waiting for your good reply
Please provide details for the following,
1-Technical explanation includes technical specifications, scope of work, the requirements of the operation and maintenance.
2- Technical explanation for technicians training and furnace operators
3- Catalogs of oven with all the required specifications

The offer price must include the following;-
1. Training for technicians and operators for a period not less than two days at each site and give trainees training certificates
Documents must contain all the information such as brochures, technical resources, operating, maintenance manuals, and brochures dealing with the keyboard
2- Letter from the manufacturer to give three years guarantee for incinerators from delivery date. In addition of free spare parts guarantee letter should be valid for 10 years from the end date of guarantee
3- Provide certificate that the incinerators are environmentally friendly and attach proof that environmental protection organizations in the country of Origin and your product should be emissions free due to the sensitivity of its international air ports.
4-copmany must committed delivery, operation, and installation within 60 days from the date of site projects detection
5- Train five people for two days for each device for a period of two days for installation, operation, and safety. Give them certificates
Provides operating and emergency maintenance also provides free spare parts for three from the starting date of the project. The company must make regular maintenance every 3 months and raise the maintenance report to the management of public concern and Maintenance.
The company must make all the maintenance work as well adjustment of the control and protection devices and filters / filters purify insulation
Specifications of ovens:
•    Installing a readymade concrete base (Precast) with Height 30 cm above the ground and 20 cm below the surface of the earth.
•    The dimensions of the base are increased by (2 meters) from the edge of incinerators
•    The rest of the accessories in all the trends even allows the worker directly feeding and maintenance work, cleaning and move easily taking into account the tendencies of the base toward the door for drainage of water.
•    The floor coating must be high-quality epoxy paint.
•    Install anti-rust and heat Umbrella of brick and steel (pyramid shape) of (5) meters height above the ground which installed with the edge of the concrete base by thick galvanized columns
•    This umbrella Cover the site furnace and allow bringing the chimney
•   The site is surrounded by an iron fence (sheet metal) 3 meters height from the surface of the earth in order to protect the incinerators from dust storms
•    The iron fence must have a 5 meters Width gate
•    Automatic anti-rust and heat electrical circuit must be provided
•    The furnaces are highly efficient, emissions-free, safe, and environmentally friendly and have capacity of not less than 3,000 kg of materials and the rate of burning at least 400 kg / h
•    The method of feeding the furnace through a side slot or from the top and the emission of the smoke is completely prevented.
•    a furnace Must have two rooms, one of them is the  main room of not less than the “5” stoves to the process of burning materials and other secondary room of not less “2” stoves to burn resulting gas from the first process as well as the chimney
•    The main component of the body of the furnace is stainless steel box, the thickness of not less than 7 mm with a layer of zinc phosphate plated with aluminium reflector to heat
•     the thickness of the door of 150 mm and a hardness of not less than 170 kg / m 3 to be burnt, automatic comprehensive remote system.
•    Furnaces must be destructive enough to burn and incinerate the material which mentioned previously
•   furnaces must have certificates are supported global enterprises and government competent for environmental protection In the country of origin or the General Presidency of Meteorology and Environment Protection in Saudi Arabia
•    The oven can work for 24 hours so as to allow for the burning of materials for a period of not less than 12 consecutive hours and the remainder for cooling and provides full fuel tank with a capacity of 1000 L to turn on the oven.
•    Must have an automatic ignition and diesel is used
•    a furnace has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures up to “130o c And also, it guarantees continuous operation of which can be utilized for 24 hours with the ability to remove residues during the work of the oven, Insulating layer of calcium must be present in the rooms with Thickness not less than 50 mm and a wall thickness of 100 mm
•    Isolation of burning room: the space between the walls must be of the “stainless steel”. In addition, burn room must fill with Thermal insulation material.
•    Ensure that the combustion of materials emitted in the secondary room should be at least two seconds period and the room is lined with high-density ceramic fibbers
•    Incinerators must contain a system for processing (purification) gasses before emission of the smoke.
•     Incinerators must have the capacity of self-cooling after the end of the daily operating period.
•    Incinerators must have chimney not less than “4 meters” height from the surface of the oven, also, it must be thermally insulated and non-rust able, and must also be removable, installation and tide default.
•    Electrical capacity required “220/ 380-volt “60 hertz
•    Incinerators must be fitted with a control panel of the electronic keys to monitor all the necessary indicators of activation keys, as well as start-up and switch off so as to be isolated inside a metal box with the presence of the following:
Alarm Sensor in the event of (crashes “burner” or purification device or heat leakage       or internal connections and wiring)
Monitors for the temperature of the rooms
Aerosols Filter indicators/ monitors
Room temperature sensors
Indicators for furnaces and index overload
Timer for Extinguish the oven automatically depending on the time required.
•    All equipment must be highly resistant to external conditions such as high temperature (50oc)
•    All doors must have special lock are not allowed non-persons appointed to work.
•    Providing fire extinguisher for each site with a capacity of 10 kg at least