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每天更新 2019年9月30日

The projects are a 5.6-billion-baht waste disposal system at Nong Khaem in western Bangkok and a similar facility, worth 5.7 billion baht, in On Nut in …
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Others are confident that incinerating medical waste to power hospitals is the answer. However, incineration is a double-edged sword. Incineration …
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Also, recycling e-waste can reduce toxic materials from being exposed to incineration, and hence, air and water pollution. Hazardous waste can finally …
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After several instances of Canadian plastic waste turning up overseas in … facility, a landfill alternative that creates power by incinerating garbage.
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The much talked-of ‘Metro Colombo Solid Waste Management Project’ was …. Two acres of land is enough to build an incinerator,” he opined.
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Notwithstanding the unabated churning out of waste materials in the cities of … Among other countries, Sweden has set up waste incineration plants in …
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It also furnishes statistics related to value chain with an organized list of raw materials providers, distributors, Incinerators manufacturers, technological …
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