incinerator for medical waste

incinerator for medical waste.Controlled air medical waste incinerator designed for incineration of bio-medical waste generated at a blood-processing center. The waste to be treated mainly includes bio-waste (i.e. bodily fluids), infectious and hazardous waste such as syringes, needles, and other medical waste (i.e. silicon rubbers, plastic, textiles, papers, packs, etc.). a  diesel  fired  medical  waste  incinerator  with  a  capacity  of  300Kg/hr.  to  be  installed  at  a  waste  disposal  site  away  from  populated  areas.
1) Bidder or Manufacturer ISO 9001 Certified
2) Respecting international emission standards
Electrical characteristics
3) A 230V, 60Hz single-phase electrical source.
4) Protections against over-voltage and over-current line conditions.
5) Compliance with applicable Ghanaian standards and regulations.
Operational characteristics
6) Two-stage incineration with dual chamber combustion.Incinerator with Oil Burner .
Require Quantity – 1 complete Unit / Set
Type of Materials To  be Burn –  Solid Waste
Burner Capacity  – 0.2 Kw ( 200 watts )
Capacity   –  2 ton per day
Oil Tank capacity of Burner – 300 Lit
Oil pump capacity   – 0.4 Kw ( 400 watts ).medical waste Incinerators for burning hospital waste
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